Daniel Nicolaevsky Artist Photographer


I'm Daniel Nicolaevsky

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today I live and work in Paris, France.

After studying film and animation films in São Paulo, I worked in the field of advertising and character animation for the press and for television. Passionate for image and the human figure, I turned my interest to photography. Which is today my profession and my passion.

Alongside my work as a photographer, I follow Fine Art Studies at the Paris National School of Fine Arts. Place where I use photography, drawing, dance, writing and painting to question the aesthetics of image, the status of the artwork and the liberating power of art itself.

Giggles, jumps, dance, love and light are the things that inspire me and which I try to convey with my work.

Accept the privilege that it is to be alive is my motto and my religion.

Daniel Nicolaevsky Photographe Photographer Toulouse France
Daniel Nicolaevsky Toulouse France


Melies - 3D, Cinema and Animation School, São Paulo | Brazil - 2009

3D Artist at Plano Z Studio, Rio de Janeiro | Brazil - 2010

3D Artist at Beeld.motion, Rio de Janeiro | Brazil - 2012

Photographer Assistant for Aline Lelles, Rio de Janeiro | Brazil - 2012

Paris National Superior School of Fine Arts, Paris | France - 2014

Assistant to Fine Artist Elise Morin, Paris | France - 2016

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia | USA - 2017